Sunday, August 28, 2005

I Left My Heart in New Jersey

I went to the Jersey shore for the first time ever. You know what? It's gorgeous. We were at Point Pleasant Beach, which is allegedly one of the nicest areas of the shore. I have to admit being disappointed at the relative lack of the Guido phenomenon. For those who have lived under a rock or don't like stereotyping people, the Jersey shore has a certain reputation. But with very few exceptions, most people had normal hair and normal swimsuits on. I saw no mullets, only two women with hair teased up to the sky, and only about two gold chains total. Wifebeater count-- zero. There was, however, a nun in her full habit, wimple blowing in the wind, sitting not ten yards from me the entire day.

What I found interesting about the shore is that you have to pay to get onto the beach. They sell little 'passes', which are little squares of fabric you pin to your swimsuit so you can walk on and off the beach. While I objected a bit to the price, I was delighted that the fabric of the day was a little square of light green gingham-- the perfect accessory to my swimsuit.

That's really the big weekend report-- I'm still coughing constantly so took last night off. Today I went to a BBQ and at least two people came up to me and said, "I heard you stayed in last night," which is a little bit weird. I guess I should be flattered that my absence is felt, though it was a bit strange. I also got my stereo working (in other words, I finally lured someone over here to hook it up for me). So off to listen to some tunes!


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