Thursday, August 25, 2005

Juliedelphia Viewer Mail

I've been very touched by the number of you who have chosen to post comments to Juliedelphia. In honor of Family Guy's Viewer Mail episode, and so you feel rewarded for taking the time, I thought I'd take some time out from the exciting world of dishwasher repair to respond to some randomly selected postings.

glotz said...
I'd like to refer you to the schools policy on drugs and alcohol...I think you need some help. You know Julie, you don't have to drink to fit in. If your girlfriends only like you when you are drinking, then they aren't really your friends.

Dear Glotz,

Will you come to Philadelphia and set up my stereo? Every time I do it, I mess up. I can't even get the DVD player to make sound right now. You've done it for me twice and both times it was perfect. Please?

Regarding your letter, I'm afraid you're not clear on the purpose of an MBA program. And while I appreciate your concern, I haven't yet reached the level where my friends have named a 'night' after me.



Monica said...
Ohmygod... Julie doing karaoke? What has become of the world??Love the picture. My favorite karaoke moment was in an Atlanta suburb, where singer after singer walked up in C&W gear to sing some inane country ballad or another (don't ask what I was doing there). Finally, my bold friend Holly got up and did the Divinyls' "I Touch Myself" complete with gestures to match the lyrics. Every jaw in the room hit the floor. I bet the cowboys and gals of North Georgia are still talking about it today.Julie, we miss you!!

Dear Monica,

Actually, the Divinyls "I Touch Myself" is my favorite title to use in my faux karaoke prank. It's generally the perfect 'anti-perfect' song for any relatively normal guy, and especially funny for anyone on the shy side.

I also lump "I Touch Myself" into another category-- the perfect radio song. When I drive and listen to the radio, I'm constantly scanning stations for the perfect song. Sometimes you'll hit one you like, but you keep going in case there's something better and go back to the one you liked if nothing better is on. The one song that requires an immediate stop is "I Touch Myself." It's also featured prominently on Ruthie's Ultimate 90's mix CD.

Thanks for your kind words,


glotz said...
Your new husband excel? Wow, where should I send the wedding gift? Does he want some more memory, or maybe a new wireless mouse? Anyway, Krista, Alex and I are happy for you. May you have long calculations together, never experience any circular references, and remember to take some time out to play the hidden flight simulator together. Hugs and Kisses from SF.

Dear Glotz,

Don't you have a wife and newborn with whom you should be spending time? We do appreciate the frequency of your responses, and hope Juliedelphia will be a featured blogger site soon.

Thanks for having the geekiest response posted so far on Juliedelphia-- any excel Easter Egg reference gets a special shout out from me and the hubby.

Mr. and Mrs. Excel

Adam said...
For those of you who want the musical accompaniment to this post, and didn't have VIP tickets to Live 8 in London, you can see Sir Bob's reprise of the classic here.

Dear Adam,

Miss you, kiddo, and extra points for the song reference. You lose points for rubbing my nose in it AGAIN that you got to go to Live 8 in London.


ruthie said...
Joool - I didn't get ANY post-party phone calls from you last night. Did you hit the scene a la juliefrisco or what?

Dear Ruthie,

You raise an interesting point which is actually the main theme of today's post (yes, I have one). For those of you reading Juliedelphia thinking you're getting the full story-- well, no. I am being very selective about what I cover, under the assumption that my classmates/future employers could someday read this and don't want to hear all the brutal details. So I love my loyal fans, but for the real skinny, phone and email will still have to suffice. Since I'm crazy busy, sorry if I haven't been returning those but I do appreciate them. But believe me, 'the real Juliedelphia' would be about forty links deep already, and would contain very few stories I'd want my mother to read (hi, Mom! Kidding!).


Sasha said...
Enrique Iglesias-lip syncing Skeletor look-alikes? Are you sure you moved to the East Coast? Because I was led to believe that such things didn't happen there.In any case, I bet you didn't see Charo judging a drag queen Charo look-alike contest. If you did, then you're still in San Francisco, which would explain the whole Skeletor thing.

Dear Sasha,

I hope you don't mind me co-opting your letter, but everyone should see the Charo photos. I am truly in Philadelphia.




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