Monday, August 29, 2005

Julie is a big fat chicken

I just got back from our school stand-up comedy show. I thought about writing about this before-- when I got home two weeks ago and had the email (sent to my entire class, I was not singled out or anything) sitting in my inbox. "Are you funny? Submit your material and perform for your classmates!" And I probably opened and closed that email about fifty times.

The reality is, I'm not funny, or at least not stand up funny. I like to think I provoke more than the average amount of chuckles in everyday conversation. But it's not like I'm doing monologues or random observations about everyday things. I'm usually making fun of something stupid I've just finished doing, or in bad situations, of people I know. So unless I can pull people up out of the audience and riff on them directly, or I trip coming up onstage, I don't feel I have anything to say. The idea of having to write out material paralyzes me with fear.

Well now that I've seen the show, I can officially say I suck. These people were courageous to do it, and sitting there watching them I came up with at least two minutes of solid material I could do. So it's time to get over my insecurity and join the stand up comedy club. If I ever stop coughing, that is.


Anonymous Sugawa said...

Julie is funny. Julie is funny. Julie is funny.

If you say it three times it comes true right? Or does it summon the ghost of John Candy? I can never remember.

I want footage.


11:48 PM  

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