Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I'd Never Join a Club That Would Have Me as a Member

It's club week, kids, and you know what that means-- the time which was already so precious is slipping away from me in teeny tiny increments. Here's the current list I'm considering, in no particular order:

Marketing Club - duh. I'm probably going to shoot for a big role in the upcoming marketing conference, which will set me up for doing a bigger piece next year. This is a great chance to work with the types of companies I might want to interview with in the coming months, and really explore what I want to do.

Entertainment and Media Club- they throw the awesome Oscar party. Oh yeah, and their career trek to New York includes a visit to ESPN. I'm not saying I think this is what I'm going to do, but it'd be like visiting a religious site.

Wine Club- I made some noise about not doing this, but who am I kidding.

Scotch Club- Overkill. However, the faculty advisor is my beloved stat professor (who loves me thanks to the birthday muffins I brought to his 9am class today for some of my fellow classmates), and it's only $10, the deal of the century. I don't think I like Scotch. Sidebar-- people usually list clubs on their resume, but listing both Scotch and Wine would probably be a bad call.

Follies- Wharton does a show called Follies, a student written and performed musical parody. Some of you may remember my involvement with Gaieties at Stanford, this is basically the same thing. I'm definitely going to try to do some writing for it. I think I'm also going to audition. It's a total longshot, and would probably be better for me to not get cast (they're only looking for 11 people, and I only got cast in Gaieties due to their 'energy, not talent' motto. My dancing and singing are not all that, and charm only carries you so far in a musical.) given the time requirements. But writing would be fun.

Culinary Club- It seems silly not to join this one.

Consulting Club- I've been thinking about Marketing Consulting as a possible career choice, this could be a nice way to explore that.

Entrepreneurship Club- I went to their bar night last night mainly because a friend dragged me and it was at the pub closest to my house. I realized that most of the truly interesting people I've met since I got here are in this club. And it only costs $10 and I'll hear about all the cool speakers they have coming.

Europa- Supposedly it's silly NOT to join at least one 'ethnic' club, and I'd feel just plain silly in most of the others. They have a lot of great parties, and do some cool trips as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Julie, Sweetie, do you DO anything in B-school other than party or plan for parties or join groups that make parties? This is such an education for me and I am now feeling excruciatingly sorry for all my graduate students over the past three decades. Who knew there was a whole other way, and why didn't I do B-school instead of a PhD? Mary

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