Monday, September 26, 2005

I Was a Little Unclear on the Themes

(one of my fave lines ever from Buffy)

I have no theme today, but was reminded by someone that some of you are killing time at work, so....

What's up with me? Well, I just got my first ever resume friendly position at school-- I'm co-director of the breakfast career chat at our upcoming Marketing Conference, which should be a great way to get exposure with the types of companies I might be interested in working for. And it should double my stress level to boot.

This week is exam/project hellweek, we have something due or an exam every day (including my first midterm tomorrow). Today was our first big marketing case turn in. You might think that marketing would be my easiest class. You'd be wrong (it'd be hambone). All of your turned in work for marketing is done with your learning team, which means six hour meetings over the weekend with lots of debate. And we run numbers, lots and lots of numbers. We endlessly finagle over things like lifetime value of the customer and incremental break even analysis. To run that many numbers and still be in a situation where there is no right answer is doubly frustrating. I will say that though I'm not sure how well my group did, I felt the ad we produced (I wrote and designed it) was the strongest in keeping with the positioning the professor recommended. So hopefully that helps.

On top of the work stuff, we had our social chair kickoff meeting tonight. We learned not only of the fun stuff we get to organize with our cohort, but that we have to promote schoolwide events. Long story short, remember that suit jacket on top underwear on the bottom party I mentioned? It's Saturday night. Guess how I get to promote it? That's right, by wearing said attire to school all day on Thursday. The 24 first year cohort social chairs will be navigating a sea of 1600 regular whartonites all day in our skivvies. Oh right, and there's the undergrads too. And there's the bus ride to school. It could be worse-- my co-social chair has to deliver a five minute persuasive speech on Thursday in her underwear.

I can't WAIT!


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