Saturday, September 24, 2005

Captain Julie Hazelwood

Last week, my cohort was invited on a 'booze cruise' on the Delaware River by our 'big cohort', aka the second years of our cohort. All you can drink beer and the chance to see the beautiful Delaware River (ha!) proved a winning combination to get us all aboard this three hour cruise. I was even allowed to pilot the boat, beer in hand, for a bit (see above, that's the apparently-lacking-in-judgment captain peeking in between us).

It turns out our cohort from last year had quite a different reputation than our current incarnation. They made our equivalent of the Dean's List at a freakishly high rate, and spent most of the booze cruise above deck discussing classes. Above deck was delightful at first, and then we veered a little too close to the New Jersey side of the river and were treated to the smell that is New Jersey (a NJ native on board insisted there was a sewage treatment plant at that particular point) and we scurried below for drinking games.

It's hard at this point to say that any one night is more 'epic' in terms of debauchery than the one before. I will say that this evening was all about seeing how wasted we could get one particular guy, and how many ridiculous things we could make him do once he got there. I'm not going to share what led to this picture, but I will share that the guy in the striped shirt was just elected cohort historian, and is planning the following item in our first newsletter:

Lost and Found
Lost: (Name of shirtless guy)'s dignity- last seen somewhere on the Delaware River.


Blogger Matthew Glotzbach said...

Was this the first official event of the cohort social chair? You seem to be doing a good job thus far. Everyone looks like they had a wonderful time. Although, why are you guys drinking so much apple juice? And its strange that the boat people put money in the bottom of your cups... is that sort of like the tooth fairy or easter eggs? You get rewarded for finishing your apple juice?

10:43 AM  

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