Thursday, May 11, 2006

More Santiago

I can't seem to find the cord to get pictures off my camera onto the computer, which is unfortunate because I already have quite a few priceless photos. Today we went to the Concha Y Toro winery, which is gorgeous and included a very nice tasting. We then went to the country house of our Chilean leader's family. We have three student leaders on this trip, each one a native of a country we're visiting. Nicholas, the leader of this trip, invited us to his family's country house for an 'asado', a very fancy bar b que. So far, I've had beef down here twice, and both times it's been some of the best I've ever had.

OK, time to disco nap. We're going out at 11:30. I was out until 4:30 last night and then had to be on the bus at 9 for meetings (we also toured a cardboard box factory. It's amazing to watch Wharton students ooh and aah over cardboard.), so I need some shuteye.


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