Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Greetings from Santiago, Chile, a town that looks so much like Southern California, I keep forgetting to speak Spanish (er...).

After a delightful travel experience (Varig air makes NWA look like Virgin Atlantic), we wearily arrived in Santiago on Monday afternoon. We are now two days into our trip here, and have spent about half of it meeting local businesspeople or business school students, and half of it drinking Pisco Sours (yum!). It's definitely strange being in a foreign country with Wharton people.

It's also strange that I probably won't be back in Philadelphia until September! I had a very hectic post-finals day and a half of packing up my apartment to prepare to move to New York and leave my apartment subletter-ready. I already see some things I forgot, and when I rejoin the rest of my luggage in New York, I'm sure I'll think of some more. I just hope my apartment is in decent enough shape to justify the rent.

I also got a chance to scope out my new New York apartment. It's roughtly 2/3rds the size of my Philadelphia bedroom. The whole place. Should be fun! Oh, and I have no TV, which I think could be a personality-transforming experience for me.



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