Monday, April 17, 2006

A Very Scientologist Easter

One unexpected addition to my dinner party was a viewing of the Scientology episode of South Park. The lamb took forever (I blame my meat thermometer, which I stuck in a bag of ice becuase it wouldn't go below 180 degrees two hours after it was removed from the meat, and it now reads 200 degrees. In a bag of ice), and we were talking about Scientology for some reason, and I still have that episode on my TiVo. People made us watch the "This is what Scientologists actually believe" segment at least five times.

I realized I can never get rid of my TiVo, because Comedy Central will never rerun that episode again.

Also, my cute gay friend fell in love with Sasha via his picture.


Anonymous Sasha said...

Fantastic; I'll be on the next plane out. I love being cross-continentally pimped!

1:16 AM  

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