Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Blinding the Chicken

Today, I had to build a model for how much in sales and profit a company selling contact lenses to blind chickens might achieve launching said contact lenses, their only product. Apparently, chickens held in captivity for egg-laying tend to attack and even cannibalize their penmates based on a sophisticated hierarchy (hence 'pecking order'), and the common method for dealing with this is beak removal. However, this method of peck-minimizing leads to traumatized chickens who produce fewer eggs, require more food, and sometimes die. A farmer observed his flock of chickens developed cataracts and produced more eggs, never fought, and ate less. He asked a local vet if he could blind his other flocks, and a business idea was born.

I may be being optimistic with the numbers here, but this looks like a great business. So I'm dropping out and going pro on chicken-blinding. You knew me when.


Blogger Matthew Glotzbach said...

Reading about your cruel and unusual support of the horrible meat industry, I couldn't help but be reminded of "The Meatrix"... take the red pill!

3:18 PM  

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