Thursday, May 04, 2006

I Hear The Bells

I'm sitting in beautiful Fisher Library (not as beautiful as the 80 degree day outside-- side note, Spring is ridiculous. I really enjoyed my first wave of seasons, but what no one warned me about was the fact that Spring appears overnight, particularly the leaves. Branches that were bare two weeks ago are fully cloaked, and it's really beautiful.) studying for my last final as a first year. I've been reflecting a bit on the things I've learned academically this year, since officially the next hour and ten minutes constitutes the last academic learning I'll do until September.

Here are some things/phrases that are new in my life:

Time value of money: This is why you make your subletters pay you for the full summer up front. Note: I did not do this because I was desperate to get anyone in. Second note: My subletter was briefly a drummer for Blood, Sweat and Tears, the first band I ever saw in concert. By 'concert' I mean my parents took me to an office complex near our house and BS&T was playing there for some sort of picnic. I think I was seven. I do know that when the 'Personics' system came out, basically prehistoric iTunes which let you buy selected singles and 'burn' them onto a cassette, "Spinning Wheel" was on my tape.

Credible signal: What's crazy about this term is how we learned it in what seemed to be one of our most useless classes (naturally, one of my favorites), and now we use it all the time in all of our classes. Here, I'll use it in a sentence for those of you non-MBA types: "I have a crush on Steve, so I got a tattoo of his name on my hip to credibly signal my interest."

Bar: No, not that kind of bar. The bar you put over a number to show it's the mean. Like 'x bar'. It's how we split the check at B-school.

Extreme consumption smoothers: One aspect of macro (the test I'm studying for now) that I love. In every problem, the people earn their wages in apples, and they live a two period life. I think "Extreme Consumption Smoothers" is the greatest punk band name ever (have I done this bit already? Sorry, guys), and I think Two Period Life is the perfect debut album title.

Poisson distribution: vs. normal distribution. Though this has nothing to do with fish, my co-head-writer and I have vowed to use the "Le Poisson" song from little mermaid to ridicule OPIM. And as my friend likes to say, "Poisson is for suckers."

OK, seriously, that's enough procrastination. My post title is the Mike Doughty song I can't stop listening to. Those of you who watch Veronica Mars will remember it from the "Our love is epic" scene.


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