Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Naughty Nurses

Yes, those are lollipops in my thigh highs. Yes, I am turning thirty one month to the day from when this picture was taken

Halloween was out of control. Fortunately, I believe it was for all involved. First of all, my costume made its debut at a pre-party hosted by my cohortmate who happens to be an MD/MBA. The med school people loved the nurse outfits, and it prompted my favorite quote ever, from a (gay) doctor, "If Penn nurses really looked like that, I might still be straight." The costumes my classmates came up with were outstanding to outstandingly pervy, and as I suspected the "Penn" twist on my nursing uniform brought me to the level of 'funny though scandalous' as opposed to straight out 'scandalous.' It was pretty awesome that people believed that (1) these were actual Penn nursing uniforms (because nurses still wear dresses, especially ones this short, to work) or (b) they represented some sort of hand-embroidered crafty magic ($7 for an iron-on patch).

Other costumes were sketchier. One of my friends dressed as a breathalyzer with the intake pipe strategically placed over his... another one of my friends was a mammogram machine. This is all what I'm piecing together, a rather potent mix of shots means that not only I but nearly everyone there is a little fuzzy on the details. Scarily enough, I was working the door for a while in such a state. I was handcuffed at least once (by a partygoer, not a cop) as I worked the door.

Perhaps the most oustanding costume was the one below, because it was so unexpected. The gentleman in question is originally from Sweden, played professional hockey, is married, and rather normal overall. Granted, he's funny, but not even in the 'top five' of insane people in my cohort. And the costume he's wearing is completely homemade. Sadly, someone else attempted Mugatu (Mom and Dad, there's this movie called Zoolander, it's part of something called 'pop culture'... never mind) from my cohort, and had to drink his sadness away last night at being so completely shown up by the tremendous effort below. Enjoy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My apologies to your parents who I am sure to offend with this comment... but holy headlights! Did the $7 iron-patch come with the inflatable boob attachment? Where did you get those things??? I must buy some...

Learning that not everything (on Julie) is bigger in TX,

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