Thursday, October 27, 2005

I Love Scotch. Scotch, scotch, scotch.

Last night I went to a Johnnie Walker scotch tasting. This was not a Scotch Club activity (I have been lax about joining), but because my social co-chair used to work in the liquor industry so she hooked us up to invites to this event. As it turns out, I don't need to join the Scotch Club just to be close to Big Ed-- I actually like scotch! I know Johnnie Walker is blended and not single malt, which is heresy for many aficionados, but I enjoyed both the black and blue labels quite a bit. We also learned different methods of drinking them, including first getting your tongue cold and clean via a swig of ice water, and then sipping the blue. It gets sweeter with every sip.

I lost my camera charger, so no photos of Baby Ethan today. But he's a cutie.

Second quarter classes started today. My Tuesday Thursday classes are officially the fuzziest ones of the MBA program. In one, we get to do skits. I'm kvelling.

Finally, it turns out I passed the stat final, which I was fairly sure I failed. So I'm quite excited about that. They haven't officially released my grade yet, but they posted the answer key and they let us take home a copy of the test and it appears my ability to guess has saved me yet again. It was multiple choice, but I figured this being statistics and the fact that I had guessed my way to high scores on all of the quizzes and practice finals that it was statistically improbable that I could guess my way to a pass in this class. I was wrong!


Anonymous The 'rents. said...

Today's blog is a parents' dream--imagine our relief to learn that you have discovered another (expensive) way to imbibe; we were so worried you might not like the elixir of the Highlanders.

And we're glad you passed stat, too.

PS--It's best with a splash of branch water to soften it and release the "nose"; definitely no ice!

1:28 PM  

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