Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Finals Week

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted much. It's finals week, with my first final taking place tomorrow. I am less than thrilled, but also having a hard time motivating. My first final is in a class in which we've had no tests to date and there are no sample tests so we have no clue how to prepare. It's also open book open note. My other two finals are next week, so the weekend will be a big fun fest for me. I'm actually going to go up to New York for a night and visit some friends, but will probably be hunkered down in the library a lot of the rest of the time.

But first things first, lest you think my priorities are totally out of wack, I am going Halloween costume shopping right now. Here are the costumes I'm currently considering. Care to vote, loyal readers?

1. Wonder Woman (a lifelong dream, but less appealing now that the rest of my girlfriends have opted out of a superhero group)
2. The Queen of Hearts (aforementioned girlfriends are trying to start a fairy tale group, I'm shopping now with my blonde friend who is considering Alice in Wonderland for hers so we'd match).
3. Nurse- a Penn Nurse, specifically. Supposedly the Wharton boys looooove Penn nurses. I thought it'd be funny.
4. Girl Scout- how fun!
5. Other ideas?


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