Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Suspense...

I can tell by the many votes that the suspense is killing y'all:

1. I went nurse, as did my friend Denise. We went tastefully tarty over overtly slutty, and with the Penn Nursing twist, we are really netting out on the side of clever.
2. My first final went OK.

I'm off to NYC for a day and night, and then back to studying.

Funny, tonight I'm trying to stay in (I made a cameo at pub and then headed home) and as I've been writing this, my phone has gone off three times with a text of voicemail asking why I'm not going out. And keep in mind that (1) I went home with a group of people equally committed to not going out, which knocks out one set of people and (2) a second large portion of my class has another final tomorrow, so they're not going out. So who are these people?

My liver wants out of this place.


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