Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I'm in sunny Palm Desert, beginning my Thanksgiving holiday a bit early (technically, I still have twenty minutes of OPIM left, sorry, Professor Zheng!). I'm sick though so I so far haven't dipped my toe into the delightfully warm air.

However, the cactus of the title does not refer to the flora at which I stare. Instead, it refers to the word for my cohort's inaugural game of 'word of the week.' Less complicated than BINGO (in which each cohortmate tries to complete an entire row or column of improbable phrases during class discussions, my favorite being, "Well at my boyfriend's high school...."), this just involves trying to use a pre-selected word in discussion. I decided cactus was a simple enough word that everyone would know it, yet weird to use in a business school setting.

We had an unexpected perosn break the seal on this, first by drawing a cactus on a transparency for a presentation he did, and then in the very next class describing one of his teammates as being, "Prickly, like a cactus." Ths would put him over the top for having used it twice (he did utter it aloud during the presentation), except a professor who was technically unaware of the game inadvertantly tied him by saying, "Cactus? What, is cactus the word of the day or something"

I woke up this morning to have two completely bizarre and off the wall emails from cohortmates sent out to all of us, and I've decided that word of the day has officially pushed us over the edge into full-fledged silliness. Anyone want to suggest other words of the day?


Blogger Matthew Glotzbach said...

The word of the day that shows up on my personal homepage (one provided me by those great folks at our favorite search engine is "repast".

I guess its a fitting word for today being Thanksgiving, given all the football that is on. I'll try to use it in a sentence to display the meaning: "After the receiver dropped the ball, the quaterback repast it to him again on the next play."

12:59 PM  
Blogger ruthie said...

BTW, we had a game in college where there was one word that you had to work into your senior thesis. Everyone playing chipped in, and whoever used the word correctly and in context got a piece of the pot. The word my senior year was ZAMBONI, and someone did win. But the caveat was that a professor could not call you out on it. So by our rules, the cactus guy would not be awarded any points. Also, BTW, i'm still trying to work the word "handsome" into an outbound piece.

2:32 PM  

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