Sunday, November 13, 2005

Tailgating, East Coast Style

We tailgated for the Princeton/Penn game last Saturday. Unfortunately, the urban setting of Penn's campus means that tailgating is either (1) indoors, as in the 20 people who came to my apartment and finished off my entire liquor supply or (2) on top of a parking garage, where the strangers were quite generous with their beer. A few observations, and then the photos can just speak for themselves. No one goes to these games. This was homecoming and supposedly their big rivalry (Princeton folks claim to be unaware this is a rivalry, my friend Renos's t-shirt indicates how Penn feels about it), and yet the stands were empty. The football was also unbearably bad. It made Stanford look like USC.

The one cool tradition which we missed by not arriving to the game until the 4th quarter is that Penn kids throw toast into the air/at the cheerleaders during their school song, which includes the phrase, "So raise a toast to Old William Penn." I actually toasted an entire loaf of bread in preparation, but we were too late and I ended up sitting with the Princeton fans anyhow.

Cabbing back after a long day of tailgating Mike and I debate Orange vs. Blue, as I carry our toast

Go Stanford!


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