Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I mean....

Im looking around this library, and everyone looks just as lost as I do.  This second accounting midterm is killing us all.  It was hard the first time, or so we thought.  This time, there is not a single topic we understand.  Accounts receivable, inventory, long term assets, and (bane of my life because I’m not taking finance yet so dont understand the fundamental concept let alone the accounting ramifications) bonds were all just little blips on our radar screen last time; now they are mighty topics to be delved into and addressed differently on every freaking balance sheet they toss us in the practice exams

Which means (1) those of you who think this is nothing but party all the time, live and learn!  (2) my recap of the day-Julie-hosted-a-tailgate-that-led-to-way-too-much-silliness-for-a-Saturday-afternoon and Rosss visit will have to wait until after my hopeful survival. 

Oh, and Ive surrendered the apartment to the mice for the time being. 


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