Monday, November 14, 2005


Wharton offers three "Global Immersion Programs", monthlong trips immediately following finals (leaving you just enough time to pack, and then upon your return immediately start your internship to get a full summer of work in), one to China, one to South America, and one to Southeast Asia. I've been determined to go to China since I got here. I went once as a child, so some of the cultural excursions would be redundant. But I thought the ability to go there with Wharton to meet with business and political leaders and really get a sense of what's going on would be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Unfortunately, my classmates agreed. You bid for these programs, and I thought my bid of 3001 points would be enough to get the trip since it went for 2001 last year. However, it cleared for over 3200. As a backup, I bid for the other trip which was tugging at my heart-- South America. This trip will be going to Santiago, Buenos Aires, Rio, and Sao Paolo. My thought on this trip is (1) it would be incredible (b) as a marketer, the Latin American markets are important to understand and (iii) I've never been to South America. Also, a lot of my friends wanted to go on that trip. Well I won this one, so barring some unforeseen and unprecedented falling of the China price in later rounds, I'm headed down El Rio way come May.


Anonymous swalker said...

Maybe the cha cha lessons from our undergrad days will come in handy. Now, if only you could find a reason to do the hustle...

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