Thursday, June 28, 2007

Frustrated in Hoi An

I am in adorable little Hoi An, a town of charm and endless custom-tailors. I ordered stuff, and met up with Denise and her college roommate. We had a fun dinner and drinks, and are excited to have some fresh blood to travel with for the next week. It's my last full day in Vietnam, and I can't believe how quickly it's flying by.

I finally got all my photos burned onto a disk, so can get them on the computer. However, blogger seems reluctant to post them. As in crashed ten times. But they're supercute!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a little tip... don't post them directly from Blogger, as it tends to not do well with photos (or at least with very many). Instead, go get yourself a Picasa Web Albums account ( and post them there and link to them from your blog. There are two super cool features you'll want to use. 1) you can embed a slideshow of photos right in your blog. 2) You can drag and drop your photos on a map, so that we'll all be able to see where each of these things are! Safe travels.

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