Friday, June 22, 2007

Sapa Day 1

we took the night train from hanoi and are in a hilltop village called Sapa in the northern highlands of Vietnam. This is where many of the tribal minorities of Vietnam live, the largest group of which is the Hmong. They are walking around this town in traditional dress and quite aggressively selling things. They are beautiful people and very tiny, but it is getting a bit tiresome to always say you're not interested in buying a bag, a pillowcase, and a bracelet. The views here are amazing, since we are surrounded by lush mountains with rice paddies and trees everywhere. It's also cooler, which is a nice break. We have plans to go visit the most famous tribal market and some of the smaller towns tomorrow, and may take a jeep out to a waterfall this afternoon. There is no shortage of people wanting to drive us places on their motorbikes, which I'm sure would thrill Marji to no end.


Anonymous Marji said...

You're right about the motobike thing--STAY OFF!

6:25 PM  

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