Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Holiday in Cambodia

No more song titles soon. I don't think I have any for vietnam anyhow.

siem reap is a surprisingly cute little town, mainly because angor wat is a huge revenue source in a very poor country. the temples are really beautiful and very worth the trip here. and the people here are great as well. i wish i could post some temple photos, but unfortunately i still haven't figured out how to get my digital camera onto one of these sketchy internet cafe computers, largely because i haven't asked anyone.

but the real story of cambodia so far is that last night while we were walking home from dinner, we ran into 8 guys we know from school. they were drunk and sitting outside the mexican food restaurant next to our hotel. to be fair, they had all been traveling for 30 days in asia at this point, so i think the promise of margaritas and semi-authentic tacos was too much to resist. so instead of going to bed at 10 to get over our jet lag and make up for no sleep the night before, we pulled a wharton all-nighter. as beautiful as my temple photos are, they are no match for the gems i took last night. one guy delivered a long lamenting rant about how all the women were, ahem, professionals at most of the bars and how he was sick of it after all this time in asia. another kept telling me he couldn't tell me certain things, and then half a beer later would divulge exactly what he claimed was a secret. people fell asleep at the bar. red bull vodka was consumed out of a bucket. pick ups were attempted on irish girls. pick ups were rebuffed by irish girls. i do have to say that i planned on not really going out on this trip, but since this was the one night we were guaranteed to have a big group, we felt like we should make the most of it. i think i'll be seeing a subset of them in beijing though.

fun times, small world.


Anonymous marisa said...

Can't wait to see the pictures. For those of us stuck in the office, keep up the posts!

10:50 AM  

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