Friday, June 22, 2007

Short Post from Hanoi

I am about to take the night train from Hanoi to Sapa. Today, we ran into the girls we'll be traveling with in about a week (Asia is apparently this big), and had lunch with a guy I know through some college friends (Clint, for my Foreman readers-- side note, has the list discussed his spanking new accent yet? Because it's sort of hilarious). We also got really adventurous on our eating, as in we were the only white faces for the most part. This meant the food got much better and the prices got much lower. That was officially the best part. Walking around this city is still a huge challenge, so I am excited for some countryside where we can hopefully get the good food and friendly people sans constant life-risking via being pedestrians.

Also, I eat ice cream every day.

Also, you get yelled at by people in uniform a lot more in communist countries.

Can anyone research to see if my Gmail will work in China?


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