Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Halong Bay

Some people will remember their two day cruise on Halong Bay for the unbelievable scenery.

Some will remember the beauty of giant rock formations shooting up endlessly from a perfectly smooth bay.

Some will remember the amazing seafood meals, one after the other, fresher than any fish they've ever had.

Some will remember jumping off the boat into the warm-enough-not-to-be-jarring but cool-enough-to-be-refreshing water for a relaxing swim.

Some will remember the sunset and following distant electrical storm, too far to harm us but close enough to put on an amazing light show.

Some will remember side trips into little caves which turn into bigger caves which have stalactites the size of Buicks.

But I will remember Halong Bay as the place where another tourist remarked that I looked just like Angelina Jolie.

Stop it now, I can hear your laughter from Vietnam.

Just ran into more Wharton people at the ice cream parlor. It was our second trip there of the day, so I guess statistically we were bound to run into someone we knew. We are back in Hanoi, where in five short hours we've had massages, gone to the warter puppet theater (really cool), eaten at my favorite $2 bun place AGAIN (they won't give you a second beer, your money's no good there), bought a set of dishes for no money so when they're too heavy I can chuck them, and had ice cream twice.

We leave for Hoi An (via danang) in the morning.


Blogger Ruthie said...

Hehe -- I still have the full set of plates, bowls, and spoons I got in Hanoi, and I use them daily!

Do they still have two sizes at the ice cream parlors there -- a scoop and an "American" scoop? Hilarious.

Let's go back next summer. [Sigh]

2:33 PM  
Anonymous marisa said...

keep up the posts. i am living vicariously through you!

11:21 AM  

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