Friday, August 18, 2006

Phillies Recaplet

I'm getting behind (two games back, with the potential to go three later today), so I'll quickly talk about the Phillies game. I've been to a few Phillies games before. Their fans are nice but engaged. It's a very good park (Jacobs is winning our 'favorite park' contest at the moment). The grass is a little worn in left field. This was our best game in terms of level of play, and there were a lot of Mets fans (since it's so close), which made it very fun to watch. We also had our first (and last) 'outsider' guest at a game. Ross's friend Jeff came with us, which prompted us to drink more beer and to chat a bit more than game watch for once. We got to see one of our favorite former Dodgers, Paul LoDuca. The hot dogs were good but not great (Pittsburgh's were the worst so far). Then we went out drinking with some of the new first years, who need to get out of my school because I liked it the way it was, and I ran into some second years I knew, please save me from these new people let's pretend it's last year again.

Then we drove to DC, which took forever. Traffic through Delaware and into 'the district' made it a huge pain.


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