Thursday, August 17, 2006

Falling Water and the Appalachian Trail

Falling Water is pretty. It is also in the middle of nowhere. And the ceilings are really low. And our tour guide was really annoying. But it is quite spectacular. The design really feels timeless.

On our drive to Gettysburg, we realized we were going to cross the Appalachian Trail. We pulled over on the side of the road and snapped photos standing under the sign (note the "Foot traffic only" bit on the bottom). If you have not read A Walk in the Woods, please do so now.

We ate dinner in Gettysburg, which is way cuter and more charming than you would expect, and at the same time very touristy. I could not (and still cannot) wrap my head around the fact that it's in Pennsylvania and not Virginia. It just feels like Virginia to me. We toured the battlefield and the cemetery and stood where Lincoln did to deliver his address. We then drove through Pennsylvania Dutch Country (tourist trap with buggies) to get to Philadelphia. Words cannot describe my joy at returning to my old city. I've missed it. It's been four months since Juliedelphia has been in Philadelphia.


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