Sunday, August 13, 2006

Feathers, not dots

I'm in Indian teritory, and I don't mean back at Wharton. I'm in Cleveland, Ohio, where we attended today's humiliation of the Kansas City Royals.

To back up a bit, we left joshua's apartment at 6 am to stand in a no liquids allowed bag drop line which defied imagination. Once inside, jet blue's screens decided to share departure gate information for flights which had taken their leave an hour before, but not for ours. We bought breakfast and were advised (incorrectly) by our sales clerk which of our beakfast purchases were legal to carry on board. Then it was a two hour drive to Cleveland, during which we encountered a hilarious rest stop sign which will be posted later. Oh, did I mention it was 250 bucks cheaper each to fly into Pittsburgh instead of Cleveland? Hence the two hour drive.

The Indians park, Jacobs field, is awesome. Each successive person we meet here is the nicest person I've ever met. The game was low on suspense, but it was fun to watch the home team do so well.

We are now watching the dodgers at a sports bar in downtown cleveland, which is a sadly dead downtown, typical of cities which have sprawled in a suburban way but not invested in renewing downtowns.

By the way, 2 hot dogs and 2 massive beers will set you back 19 bucks at a Cleveland game. That's way cheaper than at crappy old Yankee stadium.


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