Monday, July 31, 2006

The Paper Covered Them Both

This morning on SportCenter, they did a piece on the US Rock Paper Scissors Championships, held in Las Vegas. There were some amazing highlights, including the self-proclaimed Mensa member being beat by the self-proclaimed "professional human being", a job which seems to involve wearing mouse ears and a Catholic schoolgirl outfit even though you're 35. My favorite was the winner, who said something like this, "I feel like Swayze after he finished filming Roadhouse." His preparation? "I shotgunned a ton of beer. I listened to a ton of Stevie Wonder." Most refreshing was his perspective, "I can't write a thesis or something like that. I am not very good at intense math or something like that. But rock, paper, scissors is something I am good at."


Anonymous popster said...

There's some biology and math associated with RPS, and some Stanford work. Short intro is at

Optimal strategy is perfectly random play; the winner sounds pretty random.

1:27 AM  

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