Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Working Sans Underwear

There are a lot of people who work while wearing no underwear.  Many fashion models.  Lifeguards, and they save lives!  Certain strippers.  As I have had none of these professions, I have never experienced this condition.  Until today.  I've been going to the gym in the morning, which requires me to pack the day's outfit the night before and shower and change at work to start my day.  I always forget at least one thing.  Once it was deodorant.  Once it was my makeup.  Thankfully, there is a drugstore in my building, and they have been able to supply me with whatever I need.
Today it was something even better.  I opened to find my white flowy skit (knee-length), my black v neck cotton sweater, my shoes, a bra, and all my toiletries.  Only one thing was missing!  I have to say I could've probably gone with the flow if I was wearing pants.  It would not be preferred, but it certainly wouldn't be something I'd be thinking about every second. 
The skirt I'm wearing today already requires me to hold the hem when I go up and down stairs, wait for the subway, or in any other way may experience a draft.  This is my normal modesty at work, but it was at a new high today.  I had to wait until 10am (I walked into my office at 8:30am) until the GAP and BR in my building open.  Funny thing, neither carries women's underwear.  They carry boxers, sure.  I even considered buying those.  But they'd be pretty obvious under my skirt.  It turns out, Eckerds was once again the right answer.  I got a two-pack of some hideous flesh-colored things that have me breathing easy once more.


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