Saturday, July 22, 2006

Nancy McKeon

I was trying to get back into the habit of writing more frequently. However, I've failed miserably this week. That's partially because my old company was in town this week, and brought with it a nearly endless stream of free meals and cocktails. It felt as if no time had passed and as if I worked there a million years ago. I ate what can only be described as an obscene meal at Megu, where I was seated next to a giant ice-sculpture Buddha whose face melted off in a Michael Jackson through the decades like display thanks to a candle burning in its lap. I'm not sure if the macabre nature of this was intentional, but it was stunning. The Buddha was melting on a pedastal in a fountain filled with floating red rose petals. Oh, and the food was astounding as well. Kobe beef is a bit overhyped (go to Argentina), but it's also really good. And free kobe beef borders on transcendent.

I think I also forgot to post about an extremely New York experience I had last week. I was trying to get into an office building (airport security is less strict than the skyscrapers in this city), and was standing in line behind Karen Duffy, aka Duff the former MTV veejay. Now I know a lot of trivia (did you guys know she had some weird brain disease? I remember this from when it made the news like ten years ago. Because of this I don't remember something really important.), and I recognize really obscure celebrities. So I (unlike a normal person) was a little excited about standing in line before her. She got up to the woman running the security desk and said she was there to see Candace Bushnell! It's like NY-focused D-list celeb coming to see NY-focused C-list celeb. I got really excited. But then it got even better. The security woman was not letting her in. She couldn't reach Candace (after asking her to spell it like ten times), and seemed to think Duff was making it up. I got through no problem after they made Duff stand to the side, and she was still not resolved when I went up.

OK Ruthie's here. She'll guest post later.

The title is my way of letting you know I have bangs.


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