Thursday, July 06, 2006

I am neither Good, nor a Housekeeper

And yet I've been receiving Good Housekeeping magazine for the past two months.  What's truly mortifying about this is I'm forwarding my mail to my friends' apartment in Brooklyn, and they are mighty suspicious of my reading habits.  I subscribe to Gourmet.  I subscribe to Bon Appetit.  Neither has arrived since I left Philadelphia.  But somehow the USPS feels fit to forward a magazine to which I don't even subscribe.  It's a truly horrible magazine.  The headlines actually look like maybe they'd be interesting, but the magazine is chock full of cheap ads that blend seamlessly with the editorial content so you can't tell if the spread of Lee Jeans is GH suggesting that they might be back in again or a paid suggestion that they might be back in again (as it turns out, both forms of Lee Jeans messaging exist in this issue).


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