Thursday, June 29, 2006

Feminists eat polenta too

Tonight, I had my third truly amazing New York meal, this one at a restaurant right by my house called Cookshop. The first two were not chronicled, but one was a truly over the top meal at this 'deconstructed farmhouse' called Mas with my friend from SF, Adam. The second was a Bistro Burger at Corner Bistro, a New York institution I've wanted to try forever and finally did after a Wharton happy hour that went on a bit too long. Eat a Bistro Burger. Even if you're kosher, it's a lifechanging experience.

But tonight at Cookshop I had yet another incredible meal, perhaps a bit more refined than the Corner Bistro but every bit as satisfying and surprisingly affordable. Apparently, Gloria Steinem agrees, as she enjoyed dinner at the table three inches from mine. The weirdest part about it was she was having dinner with two younger women (relatives?), and they were giving one of the women gifts, and one of the gifts was a girly pink t-shirt. You just don't think of the most famous living feminist as someone who gives girly pink t-shirts. I'm sure it had a really powerful message written on it.


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