Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Day 2: Electric Boogaloo

My health continues to improve, though I think I'm scaring the other interns with my grotesque cough as we are in such an enclosed space together. However, I still have the appetite of an Olsen twin.

As for work, I'm settling in OK and feel like I might be able to figure this job out. The hard part seems to be figuring out all the different people and their roles. A big part of this internship isn't just how well I do on my project, but how well I meld with the organization as a whole. Networking is a big part of that, and strangely enough, has never been my forte. Sure I'm chatty cathy once I'm comfortable, but I'm not so hot at the approach and just dive in. I'm especially handicapped in this scenario because the company as a whole, or at least my division, seems quite women heavy (not filled with heavy women). Set me down in a room full of men, and we'll be talking sports in no time. I have yet to figure out the surefire icebreaker with women.

Today we had a surprise baby shower for a woman in my group and an item on the buffet table led me to one easy icebreaker topic: cupcakes. Women love cupcakes, and women love to talk about cupcakes. These were the size of my head, and I could barely finish 1/4 of one before a tragic accident caused a meeting between the ten pounds of frosting resting atop the remaining cake and the wall.


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