Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My Name is Rio

I´ve been in Rio for four days now.
The first half day was spent ranting about how gross our hotel rooms are (that said, the pool and lobby area are lovely) and about how we are now able to sleep holding our roommates´ hands while nestled in our twin beds.
The next two days were spent on Ipanema Beach, which is as beautiful as they say despite the presence of very aggressive peddlers.  It was amazing to be lying on the beach staring at these striking hills and the famed statue of Christ.  Truly, this is a beautiful city.
Yesterday and today were unfortunately spent being sick.  They say everyone gets sick on the GIP trip at least once, and true to form some sort of head cold from outer space seems to have struck.  At least it´s more dignified than the gastrointestinal distress the other half of my classmates have encountered here in South America.  Strangely, I seem to have left all my decongestants at home and only brought stomach ailment remedies, ironic since I have a stomach of steel.
I went to the local drugstore and had an amusing encounter where I attempted to act out what I had after failing to translate ´decongestant´into Portugese (where´s Maeve when I need her?).  The first thing they handed me was Amoxycillin, the antibiotic which carried me through my ear infection years of yore.  I find it astounding how easy it is to get prescription medication here.  My classmates are planning on going in to act out ´backache´and ´can´t sleep´ to see what other naughty things they can pick up.


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