Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Buenos Aires

All is well in Buenos Aires, my new favorite city.  Two words, people: cheap beef.  Make that three words: cheap delicious beef.  It´s quite beautiful here, and the people are lovely.  My one complaint is I´ve had very little time to enjoy it as the business portion of this trip is quite time consuming.  However, I am officially done with meetings, though I´m spending the next day and a half away from the city at Iguazu Falls.  Then I´m back for a day and a half jam packed with shopping and sightseeing, and then possibly off to Sao Paolo.  For those of you following the news, we are supposedly still going and are assured that everything´s fine there now.  However, given our love of Buenos Aires and our desire to extend our stay, is it bad I´m secretly wishing for riots?


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