Tuesday, June 20, 2006

This is news?

I listen to NPR in the morning in attempt to have some real content in my life.  Full disclosure: I read US Weekly and In Touch at the manicure shop, and a search of my browser's history, while porn-free, would be embarassing to anyone who has any respect for my intellect, unless they thought intellect comprised 'celebrity gossip' or 'news about TV shows'.
This morning, the New York NPR affiliate* ran a story that I guess fell under the auspices of crime reporting.  The story was that area police love one aspect of ganster culture: baggy pants.  Apparently, the popularity of 'so baggy you can see my underwear and the crotch area is near my knees' pants has made criminals much easier to catch, as they either trip, get caught hopping fences, or can't run at all in their getups.  One policeman (from Greenwich, Connecticut) said that when he gets these guys subdued post-pursuit, he suggests they buy some tigheter pants.  I wonder what his stand is on front pleats.
*I am assuming this was a local story.  If I'm wrong, as I have not yet memorized the flow of local/national back and forth in this market, please let me know.  If this is a national story, I'm not ever joining an NPR affiliate again.


Anonymous Popster said...

This was not only NOT a local story, it was the center column feature article in the WSJ. Rising MBA's don't read WSJ?

Plus, I thought it was quite funny, and rich with irony.

12:48 AM  

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