Monday, June 19, 2006

Meet the Mets

I attended Tom Glavine's tenth victory game yesterday (first in the majors) in the blazing-hot sun.  That means I have yet another baseball stadium I can cross off the list.  I believe that puts me at nine, and I can add 'ate a Nathan's hot dog' to the list of truly New York things I've done this summer.  I also stayed out past 4am (a near impossibility in San Francisco), but that resulted in yet more hoarseness. 
An update on my mocking of the fans of Fenway from back in July.  It appears that San Francisco's aversion to 'doing the wave' is an anomaly.  My mother has assured me it's alive and well at Chavez Ravine, and the Mets fans actually cheer louder for the wave making a full rotation around the stadium than they do when one of their star players hits a grand slam to take the lead.  I believe this Bay Area lack of waving at games is because we think we're more refined than everyone else, and we never ever want to appear uncool. 
Finally, I'd like to congratulate my Dodgers for being swept by the icky A's.  Bravo, boys, bravo.


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