Friday, June 09, 2006

The Icky New York Post

I generally read the New York Post Page Six gossip column every day.  But now that I pass newstands that actually carry this paper, I may be off giving it any of my readership.  It's a paper know for its sensationalism and extreme bias (and its great gossip columns), but nothing prepared me for today's cover image.
It's the close up image of Al-Zarqawi's dead face (like on every paper), but they've added a cartoon speech bubble coming out of the mouth.  He's saying, "Warm up the virgins!"


Blogger ruthie said...

That's hilarious and so, so wrong. But i can't believe you would give up what is arguably the best and most comprehensive gossip repository in the world. Are you not as dedicated as I once thought, Miss Delphia?

4:42 PM  
Anonymous Sasha said...

When I was in NYC the other week, Barry Bonds tied Babe Ruth's record. Not only did the Post repeatedly refer to Bonds as the "Shambino" in the article, the cover image was the number 714 -- spelled out in syringes.

5:04 PM  

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