Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tour Guide a Go Go

NOTE: This is a post from guest blogger, Ruthie.

So I find myself in New York this weekend, monopolizing Julie's summer dwelling closet, and I have to point out that Miss Delphia is one fabulous tour guide. Considering a trip to the tri-state area? Julie will trade her soul (and a spot on her floor) for a bag of Central Market tortillas. Just FYI.

The Julie/Ruthie combination (Julthie? Rulie?) is flat out lethal for reasons that are manyfold, and we have spent the better part of our weekend engaging in both culinary and potable delights. Now I don't know if you guys have MET Julie, but one of her most admirable qualities is her utter love of food, and our weekend in the 2-1-2 prominently featured much of it. Life is decidedly better with a venti beer and a cupcake. And the cheese, my Lord, the cheese.

A few random highlights...

Best Cheeses of the Weekend: Fromage de Meaux and Pont Leveque

Julie's Favorite Word of the Weekend: Actually

Most Anticipated Dish of the Weekend: Lardo Pizza (aka: Back fat pizza)

Most Inappropriate Lusting of the Weekend: Ruthie after one of Julie's exceptionally beautiful classmates. Looking at him is like taking a bite of cheesecake... pure sweetness. His arms should be in the Louvre.

Most Inappropriate Activity of the Weekend: Creating Julie's MySpace page, telling her about all the boys in their tribal tattoos and boutique jeans that will now message her, and teaching her the ways of the time suck... Go make her your friend! And Ruthie, too.

Best Save of the Weekend: Famous Original Ray's Pizza.

(Julie is taking back over)

Fastest Turnaround of the Weekend: Ruthie's switch from "I can't shop right now" to "Let's hit that sale I just heard about," which took all of about five minutes.

Most Awesome Moment of the Weekend: During our exceptional dinner at Craft, we received an amuse bouche from the pastry chef before dessert (pain perdu with pistachio ice cream and caramel sauce YUM). The amuse bouche was two little glasses of strawberry ginger soda. Ruthie looked at hers and said, "Oh, it's like a jello shot!" Our waitress actually had to flee our table she was laughing so hard.

Freaky Psychic Connection of the Weekend: For reasons I can't explain, during our second cupcake outing of the weekend, I felt compelled to tell Ruthie about this deranged store Sasha and I shopped at back in 2000. It was this insane woman who made up a fantasy world about kitty cat characters, made drawings of them, glued them to things like popsicle sticks, and sold them. She would follow shoppers around the store telling you things about the characters as if they were real people. As I described this store, I realized I could not remember its name, which it shared with the main character kitty cat. I immediately called Sasha and described my predicament. He paused. He said, "Are you really having this conversation with someone right now? Because I'm in a car on my way to the beach, and I just spent the past half hour describing this store to people. And I can't remember the name either." Note: Sasha and I have not discussed this store in at least five years, and I haven't described it to anyone else in at least as long a time.

Come visit everyone! You can guest post too!


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