Saturday, August 12, 2006

6 ballparks, 7 days, 2 Davissons

Eat your heart out, Sugawa. The junior Davissons have started a six ballpark in seven days trip at dreaded Yankee Stadium, where the Yanks beat the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (the contradiction in that name still kills me) 5-2. Yankee Stadium is not my favorite ballpark, though you can get a Hebrew National frank which almost beats a Dodger Dog as my favorite ballpark dogs.

Some Yankee game observations:

1. The guys in the yellow polo shirts threw a guy out a few rows in front of us after he was using profanities and generally making a mother and her four kids pretty miserable over several innings. One half inning later, he was back. Another half inning later, the NYPD came and threw him out for good. What is the point of the partial throw-out by the yellow shirt guys if they don't actually escort people out of the park? If they think someone is being evil enough to deserve ejection, do they actually believe that they will leave the park on an honor system?

2. The Yankees are cheaters, and/or the Umps are blind. There was a really bad call when Izturis was safe at first (though I supported the call because it gave me my only glimpse of my favorite Angel, Mike Scioscia, when he came out to yell at the umpire). And when A-Rod reached second on a double, the umpire standing there clapped. He then seemed aware that he had revealed a bias and started doing-- no joke-- some version of the hand jive.

3. The announcer is incredibly annoying. This is how he introduces players, "At shortstop, number 2, Derek Jeter, number 2." Is he trying to create a palindrome? Why not end it with "at shortstop" then? Perhaps in that case it makes sense since Derek Jeter is only the second best shortstop on his own team and is therefore forever number 2.

We're headed to Cleveland tomorrow, and at least have five games in which we care little about the outcome. Watching my least favorite team beat a team I care about (though am annoyed with due to naming) was torture.


Anonymous popster said...

Besides the bad call (which replay and the TV announcers confirmed) your loyal readers would be amused by the other bad call you experienced. You actually had to throw away your suntan lotion before entering? New York's finest (a term not referring to their judgment, obviously) must think Yankee Stadium is about to depart for Heathrow.

10:55 PM  

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