Thursday, August 17, 2006

Falling Water: A Snippet

The following exchange happened on our tour:

Ross: Why are the beams supporting the concrete pillars shaped like that? Do the notches have any significance?

Most Annoying Tour Guide in the World Who Should Really Consider a Thong if Wearing a Skirt Made Out of That Fabric: That's an excellent question. Does anyone have a theory on that?

Scary Tall Woman In Her 50's From Montana Who Can't Stop Making Out With Her Shorter Bearded Husband Despite the Presence of Two Daughters in Their Teens: Could it be his way of copying the foliage that's all around?

MATGITWWSRCATIWASMAOTF: Interesting! Yes! That's a really good theory! Another thing people have guessed is that it's because of the leaves on the trees which are all around.

STWIH5FMWCSMOWHSBHDTPOTDITT: (angrily, twisting the hemp bracelet she wears instead of a wedding ring) That's what I just said.


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