Thursday, May 17, 2007


I am in Paris sans camera, so it's the perfect time to blog about my adorable puppy. He is currently having a boys' week (and a half) with my dad, and so far reports indicate that he's having a blast. My favorite story is about a new game he invented. A while back I bought him a ball which lights up and makes noise when it bounces, but we never really played with it. Back at my parents' (two-story) house, he rediscovered it. His favorite thing to do is to carry it up to the top of the stairs and drop it so he gets the maximum bounce/light/sound effect. I'm telling you, if he was a human, he'd be in Mensa.

Paris is pretty but cold and rainy. I have eaten at least two loaves of bread, eaten cheese, drank wine, and seen some art. All in all, not so bad.


Anonymous sten said...

Have you seen Ron and Carol wandering about?? My parents just left Paris a couple of days ago for Normandy...I'm sure they would've loved to have some fromage avec toi!

9:26 PM  

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