Thursday, May 03, 2007

The End is Nigh

The moving process has begun in earnest, with my largest piece of unwanted furniture taking its leave of me today. I hate moving, and this giant bookshelf has been the centerpiece of my anxiety about getting stuff out of here. The prior tenant left it here with my permission, but since they hadn't re-rented my place yet, there was no one to confirm they wanted it next. Since I didn't bring the thing in, I was convinced I would never get it out. The Salvation Army wanted to pick it up when I would be long gone.

Enter "free stuff" on Craigslist (thanks, Ross!). Within an hour of my posting I had 100 emails asking to come pick up the shelves. They all asked if they could be disassembled. This morning I stood on my ottoman and looked at the top of them for the first time. There I found four tell-tale bolts which looked suspiciously like IKEA allen wrench bolts. My father taught me to never discard an IKEA allen wrench, so I pulled out the five I have and the second one was a match. Forty five minutes later the bookshelf was completely in pieces (Satchel was freaking out through this whole thing. He also hates my packing tape dispenser). Now it's gone. The above gives you an idea of what the unit looked like, and what a disaster my apartment is now.

24 hours until I fly to Miami!


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