Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Winding Down

I have been done with my academic obligations for a week and a half now, and yet I feel busier than ever. What have I been doing? Well I still have a pilates class twice a week, so I am still a student of sorts. There are a lot of Philly things I'm trying to do before I leave, such as seeing the King Tut exhibit (which was amazing) and eating at a zillion different restaurants. I visited New York with the Satchman and took the adorable pictures of him playing with Ethan you see above. I started packing up my apartment. I realized I was too late to get a furniture donation pick up that will work for me and am feeling anxious about the fact that I either need the new tenant of this apartment to take my giant bookshelves or need one of my friends who is not departing the day after graduation (nearly everyone) to sit in my apartment a week after I'm gone and wait for the Salvation Army.

I'm also trying to be a terrific dog owner so my puppy won't forget me while I'm gone all summer. By the way, he is officially a dog. I don't know what happened, but sometime this week he calmed down and stopped being such a spaz. End of an era!


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