Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Too Smart for its Own Good

My Google homepage has now informed me I can choose from one of several whimsical themes to top my personalized page. While clicking through these, I noticed the 'seasonal' option, which seemed like it would be the most interesting one since it would change every once in a while (4 times a year, I would suspect), so I chose it. And while I have been complaining it is unseasonably cold right now, I do think it's funny that Google has chosen snowmen as its seasonal theme image three weeks after the official start of spring. I tried telling it I was in Los Angeles, and while it did cleverly change the background to indicate the sun had not yet risen, I was still faced with snowmen. So then I changed my location to Sydney, Australia, where fall is just beginning, and still: snowmen.

Ultimately, I do believe Google is smarter than I am and the weathermen are, so I am steeling myself for snow sometime in the next few days.


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