Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Postgame Alert

I was just online about to search for the name of LA's third base coach (pretty sure it's either Dummy McStupidhead or Lucifer), when I got this email from an old SoCal friend who said everything I felt about this game perfectly. So I'm stealing it because I don't think he knows about this blog:

I don't know who to hate for the baserunning goof. blacked out the streaming video (even for subscribers), so I was forced to read on some dumb online applet the sequence "Martin singled to right, Kent out at home, Drew out at home, Martin advancing to second." I don't want to see a replay of that. Ever.

Complaint 2: too many ex-Dodgers in the playoffs. How am I supposed to hate Shawn Green or Paul LoDuca?


Blogger ruthie said...

Jeff Kent and his gravity boots. [Sigh]

11:30 PM  
Anonymous Dad said...

LA Times had an apt headline:

Don't Try This at Home

BTW, this isn't what cost us the game. It was Grady pitching Penny in relief. As Boston learned, Mr. Little's playoff pitching decisions leave a lot to be desired.

1:42 PM  

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