Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Playoff Time

Dodgers are currently losing. And I have no time to watch. So I'm trying to send out 5,000 emails about the marketing conference while half watching so I at least get some of the experience.

Late last night I scrapped plans to go to Thursday night's game (after learning that Maddux was pulled for Saturday). That saves me six hours in the car and $150, so I can spend six hours in a bar and $150 on beers and wings watching. More realistically, it means I can answer more sponsor emails.

It's eighty degrees today, but it's supposed to be sixty tomorrow. It's feeling like fall in San Francisco instead of fall in Juliedelphia.

Finally, yesterday while walking through Rittenhouse Square, I came across a rat and freaked out. Today I walked through the square again, and it turns out the rat that freaked me out was either dead or really lazy, because it was still there. Keep in mind the park is overrun with people and dogs all day (and inhabited by homeless people at night), so how a rat carcass could remain sitting on a main path for 24 hours is beyond me.

Yeah, this post wins the 'on topic' award.


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