Friday, July 20, 2007

Back to Civilization

We are in Hong Kong. Since this city is ridiculously wired, there are no internet cafes. There is, however, expensive internet available at the top of Victoria Peak, where I am currently writing. The views are amazing, in case you're wondering.

We left Guangzhou, and after some harrowing moments at the train station (getting accosted by beggars, watching a man go through the trash and drink half finished beverages removed from said trash), we boarded a delightful high speed train and an hour and a half later were in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is like paradise for us after the past few weeks. There is less spitting on the street, people seem to get annoyed when their personal space is violated, and the streets are named things like "Stanley" and "Queen's Road." We can read those. In fact, we've successfully found a legendary dim sum restaurant and the tram, both on the first try, a record for us.

So this may be my last blog post from expensive Hong Kong, but it's nice to have a respite from incomprehensible signs and even harder-to-understand etiquette. We return to battle once more in Shanghai on Monday.


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